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Joy Telecom was founded in Shanghai, 2005. It accumulated years of experience in mobile industry, including platform R&D, products, sales management, service network, with 3 China operators, business covering 32 provinces. Since 2014, Joy Telecom began its overseas expansion. South Korea branch, JOYTELE, was founded in July 2015, to operate local MVNO business. Core network in Hong Kong initiated in August 2016, and granted license from OFCA to become FULL MVNO in 2018. JoyTel holds also ICP, SP, ISP Licenses in China Mainland and could provide Internet Access, VPN, Mulitp-Party Comunication Services, Call Center services etc.

Company Development

2005 Joytel History
Shanghai Joy Telecom Founded
2008 Joytel History
1st-tier Reseller Agent under China Unicom Shanghai
2011 Joytel History
Global MVNO Business Initiated
2014 Joytel History
JOYTEL South Korea Granted MVNO License
2015 Joytel History
JOYTEL Hong Kong Created
2016 Joytel History
Joy Brand Overseas Travel SIM Business Starts
2017 Joytel History
Shanghai Yuhuan Founded to Run Global MVNO Market
2018 Joytel History
Joy Telecom HK Operated as FULL MVNO
2019 Joytel History
Serving more than 6 million+ people, Launch eSIM service
Global Operations Team

JOYTEL Global Operation Team

• JOYTEL(Shanghai)Management & Sales
• JOYTEL HK FULL MVNO Operation Team
• JOYTEL Korea Local Light MVNO team
• JOYTEL Taiwan Local Team and Sales
• JOYTEL Signapore Local Team and Sales
• JOYTEL Japan Local Team and Sales
• JOYTEL Europe Local Team and Sales (coming soon)
• JOYTEL Shenzhen Development team

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